How to Activate OK card on palmpay 2022 update

Today’s legit report will base on How to activate ok card on palmpay and not only that, I will explain how you can Reactivate an OK card if you have used this service on one phone before, So let’s go into the business.

How to activate ok card on palmpay

Without wasting much of your time, I know you just got a new phone and you have heard about palmpay ok card loan, so you want to be among those who will enjoy it, to do this, you have to take some simple steps which I will show you in this post.
Firstly, make sure you have not used or registered your palmpay account with another phone before and if you have done this before, don’t panic, I will still show you how you can go about this in other to activate your ok card on palmpay.
If you have not yet installed palmpay app or you have done this before and you later uninstalled it because you don’t know how to activate okay card on palmpay, this is the time for you to open the play store on your phone, then download the app asap.
After that, open the app and register if you have not registered before. Now go to Finance and you will see two types of loan which is OK card loan and flex loan, click on this okay card loan and it will ask you to fill out a form that contains Your full name, address, next of King, two emergency contact information, date of birth and your bvn. To get approved by palmpay, you must fill out this form correctly, and to do so, you need to understand some secret things that many people don’t know, that is why they get disapproved when they are trying to activate palmpay ok card.
In this form, the three things you must take note of.

  • your name
  • Your Bvn
  • And your date of birth

Why take note of this? Immediately after you submit your ok card loan form, one of palmpay team will need to review your form and she/he will first check your Bvn details either is corresponding with the details you submit. So, you must use the same name and birth date on your bvn in order to approve you.
In some cases, you may not put your Bvn and they will still approve you but if you do, then make sure is correct with your details.

Note: you may not get a higher loan limit if you don’t add your Bvn but the minimum palmpay loan is three thousand naira [3000] and the maximum is one hundred and fifty thousand naira [150,000]. Don’t be deceived, you can’t get 150k on palmpay.

How to Reactivate OK card on palmpay

There is one of my friends, who is trying to Reactivate ok card on palmpay app after he has successfully deactivated the app from his previous Android phone, this is the error he received ” You cannot activate ok card now, please deactivate from your other phone in other to use this service” if you also receive something similar to this on your Android phone, don’t worry, the solution is here for you.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have removed the security plugin from your previous phone. What I want you to know is that there is a secret way or let me say the logical way you can use to do this perfectly without any issues. I have explained it in my previous post and you can go ahead to Read ‘HOW TO DELETE MY PALMPAY ACCOUNT WITH SECURITY PLUGIN‘ this post will show you the proper steps to follow.

Now you have successfully deactivated the okay card from your previous phone, the next step is to chat with palmpay team or send them an email to let them know that you have successfully deactivated this app from your old mobile device. If you don’t know how to compose the letter, don’t worry let me drop a sample for you, what you just need is to copy and paste, then edit by replacing some information with yours.

Example of the email

Re: Reactivate my ok card
Dear palmpay team,
My name is Samson Abraham with
palm pay account: 08012345678
I recently deactivated my ok card from my previous phone
and the process was successful because I cleared up
all my loans both in okay card and flex loan.
Now, I want to re-activate it on my new phone
but I’ve seen some error that my account is still activated on my previous phone which I have deleted.
Please kindly help me to activate this on my new phone
so I can enjoy the service as before. Thank you.

After you have successfully edited this sample letter, now send it to their Customers service email address @
You will receive responses from them within a short time and this email can confuse you like ‘we are sorry for this inconvenience, it will always be hard to re-activate your okay card in your new phone bla-bla-bla.” Don’t even mind them, just relax and wait for a few days, then check your app again, and you will be surprised.
Finally, you have successfully with this activation and now you want to withdraw your okay card money, they read my post ‘How to withdraw ok card on palmpay to bank account‘ to learn the full processing.
Don’t forget to subscribe with your email as it is free and also, and you can drop your questions in the comments section below. Thank you.

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