How to withdraw money from your palmpay ok card to your bank account

Welcome to daily legit platform where we give out legit information every blessing day and we are here again to show you how to withdraw money from your palmpay ok card to your bank account. At the end of this post, you will be able able to withdraw your palmpay OK card money to your bank account, this will be done on your phone because it is very easy.
Firstly, palmpay gives two types of loans which are OK card loans and cash loans

OK card loans

palmpay ok card loan

This is the type of loan given to PalmPay consumers without interest for 15 days. This loan starts from three thousand Naira (3000) to fifty thousand nairas (50000) depending on your credit score. The good news about this is you have to pay what exactly you borrowed with no hidden fees, and no interest.

Cash loan

how to withdraw from ok card on palmpay

This is the type of palmpay loan with low interest given to customers within 15 days to 90 days depending on your credit limit

Can you withdraw an ok card palmpay loan?
The answer is a capital Yes, to do that, just follow this simple step and if step no one does not work for you, them follow the second steps which must work for you.

Step 1

Log in to your palmpay on your phone and click on ‘To bank’ a new page will pop up which shows where to add your account details. Just input your ten digits account number to the first paragraph, in the second paragraph, click to select your bank name and you may also search for the name of your bank at the top. After selecting your bank, click next, and your bank name will appear on the next page but if you did not see your name, it means either your account number or the bank did not correct, them you have to cross-check back to proceed.
Click next if your details are correct, and you will see ‘Method of payment‘ this is where you will select an OK card as your method of payment and input your transaction pin to complete the transfer. If this work for you, them let me congratulate you but if it doesn’t work out for you, don’t panic, there is another way I’m going to show you and it is 100 percent work for everybody so let go.


Step 2

This second step maybe somehow complicated but I will try to make it easy for everyone most expecialy begginers because the process will involve sportybet account.
The first thing you need to do is to open sportybet account with your full name as appears on your bank account, To open it, just click here and click register them fill in all the necessary information and make sure your name is corresponding with the one on your bank account. You can use this promo code………… If you like.
After that, open your palmpay account and click on betting, select sportybet after that enter your number as account details, select okard as a method of payment, now enter your palmpay transaction pin to complete the payment. Once the payment is complete, quit the palmpay account and log in to your sportybet account on your browser, once you are on your dashboard, you will be able to your account balance at the right top corner of your phone, click on it and you will see withdrawal, just click on the withdraw and fill your account details and proceed. Once you submit your withdrawal request, just wait less than a minute, and your bank account will be credited.
This is the simple login on how we withdraw okay card money from palmpay, if you have any other questions related to this post or our platform, please drop them as a comment below this section and one of our team will acknowledge your feedback.
Thanks for choosing Daily legit dot com dot NG. I’m Olayemi from Nigeria.

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  6. I don’t understand the reason why palmpay will b debiting my account for money that I know not about neither did I spend it all in the name of flexi credit limit. Please I hate this rubbish.

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