Washing machine price in Nigerian

In this era of technology, the demand for washing machines has surged among many Nigerians as the chore of hand washing clothes has become increasingly burdensome for them.

As of November 2023, the price of washing machines has surged due to the depreciation of the Nigerian Naira against the dollar. In this article, I will analyze various types of washing machines along with their price lists, both available online and in Lagos.

Price of washing machine in Nigeria

Washing machine price in Nigeria

To save your time, here are the top-rated washing machines and their prices based on our research. We recommend these products due to the positive reviews received from users who have previously used them.

1. Hisense Front Load Washing Machine

Price:# 240,000

According to ChukwuebukaReliable product. Been using it for over a year now and I haven’t had any issues

Chukwuebuka is expressing that the product is dependable and has worked consistently for an extended period—over a year—without encountering any problems or malfunctions. This implies a high level of satisfaction and trust in the product’s reliability based on his personal experience using it for an extended time without issues.

2. Polystar 4.5kg Single Tub Washing Machine

Price: #60,000

If your budget is limited and you’re seeking an affordable option, the Polystar 4.5kg Single Tub may be suitable. However, this machine has some disadvantages, notably its small size and light material construction. Despite these drawbacks, it is considered acceptable considering its price point.

3. Pinnacle 5.5kg Twin tub

Price: #70,000

The Pinnacle 5.5kg Twin Tub washing machine is portable, neither overly large nor small, making it a popular choice among Nigerians. Its versatility for various spaces is a key reason for its popularity. Though it is reasonably priced, its quality is considered satisfactory, aligning well with its cost.

Please note that the prices mentioned in this article are general estimates. These prices should provide a guideline, and once you have the specified amount, you should be able to purchase these washing machines in Lagos or online at the given prices.

Where to buy washing machine

When considering where to purchase these washing machines, you have two primary options. The first option is to buy it online, giving you access to various e-commerce platforms where you can browse through different models and prices, often accompanied by user reviews and ratings. The convenience of online shopping allows you to make a purchase from the comfort of your home.


The second option is to visit physical stores or shops specializing in home appliances. These shops, found in your local area, enable you to see the machines in person, seek advice from sales representatives, and potentially negotiate the price or get a feel for the product before making a purchase. Choosing between these options often depends on personal preferences, such as convenience, trust in online transactions, or the desire to physically inspect the product before buying.


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