GOtv Supa Channels List And Price For 2023

As we approach the year 2023, GOtv Supa Channels list subscribers can now expect to enjoy a more diverse range of Supa channels. This article will take a closer look at the Supa channels list and price for 2023, exploring the new packages, additions, and other exciting features that will be available for subscribers.

Table Of Contents:

1. Introduction.
2. What is GOtv?
3. What are Supa Channels?
4.GOtv New Packages.
5. GOtv New Supa channel list for 2023
6. Exciting facts about GOtv Supa.
7i. GOtv Supa Price for 2023.
ii. Pricing for GOTV Supa Channels for 2023.
8i. FAQ about GOtv Supa channels and Prices for 2023.
ii. What is GOTV Supa package, and what channels does it offer?
iii. How much does GOTV Supa package cost, and how can I subscribe?
9. Conclusion/Wrapping up.

First of all, it is very vital to note that presently, Supa channels are available on the GOtv Plus and GOtv Max packages. While GOtv Plus subscribers get only a limited number of Supa channels, GOtv Max gives a more wider range/list of Supa channels. There has been an adjustment in 2023, as GOtv introduces a new package that will cater to viewers that want Supa channels at a more cheaper rate.

What is GOtv?

To understand GOtv Supa channels, it’s necessary to know what GOtv is. GOtv is a digital terrestrial television platform. GOtv Nigeria is one of the branches under the GOtv Africa brand, which is part of the MultiChoice Group. GOtv is focused on providing affordable entertainment to those who cannot afford to subscribe to the more expensive premium DSTV channels.

What are Supa Channels?

GOtv Supa channels are a package of premium channels that offer an even wider range of entertainment options to GOtv subscribers. These channels are exclusive to GOtv Max subscribers and offer viewers a great deal of value for their money. This package includes both local and international channels that cover a broad spectrum of genres.

GOtv New Packages

This new package, known as GOtv Supa, will offer viewers the best Supa channels in High Definition (HD) at an affordable price point. With GOtv Supa, subscribers can have access to over 25 Supa channels, including sports, lifestyle, entertainment, and news channels.

GOtv New Supa channel list for 2023.

gotv supa channels list 2023

The new Supa channels list for 2023 includes popular channels such as SuperSport Blitz, CNN International, MTV base, Discovery Family, Cartoon Network, and Al Jazeera.
Reality TV fans can look forward to channels such as E! Entertainment, BET International, and the Real Housewives franchise on 1Magic.

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Exciting facts.

Sports fans can enjoy the best live football action from the English Premier League on SuperSport Select 1, select 2 and Select 3, and LaLiga Santander on SuperSport LaLiga, while NBA games can be watched on ESPN. For wrestling aficionados, WWE fans can catch all the thrills and spills on SuperSport WWE.

Lovers of African music can also rejoice as TRACE Africa and MTV Base join the Supa channels list. Both channels provide viewers with the best music videos, live performances, and interviews with African musicians and artists.

In addition to the Supa channels, GOtv Supa subscribers can also enjoy other popular programs and TV shows such as The Voice Nigeria, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and America’s Got Talent on different channels.

With such an impressive Supa channels list, it is understandable that many subscribers might be concerned about the price of the new package. However, GOtv has assured its customers of an affordable program making it accessible to many subscribers/users. This means that subscribers can enjoy the best Supa channels without having to break the bank.

GOtv Supa Price for 2023

Pricing for GOTV Supa Channels for 2023.

GOTV has also made some changes to its pricing for 2023. Here is a breakdown of the different packages and their costs:

1. GOTV Jolli: This package costs N2,800 and offers over 68 channels. It includes all supa channels, as well as other popular channels such as GOTV Plus.

2. GOTV Max: This package offers 90+ channels, including all supa channels, for N3,600.

3. GOTV Lite: This is the most affordable package, costing N1,200, and offers over 33 channels. It includes selected supa channels such as AfricaMagic Epic, AM Express, and SuperSport Blitz.

FAQ about GOtv Supa channels and Price for 2023

As a significant player in the Pay TV market in Nigeria, GOTV has been consistent in providing excellent entertainment to millions of Nigerians over the years. The digital terrestrial television platform offers its subscribers a wide and diverse range of exciting channels specially designed to cater to the diverse needs of Nigerians.

GOTV has different packages which allow subscribers to select a subscription plan that fits their budget and preferences. One of the most popular packages offered by GOTV is the Supa package.
Here are the Frequently asked questions about GOtv Supa package and their answers

Q: What is GOTV Supa package, and what channels does it offer?

A: The GOTV Supa package is a popular subscription plan that provides viewers with access to a wide range of high-quality TV channels. These channels include news, movies, sports, music, lifestyle, and entertainment programs With the GOTV Supa package, subscribers can access 77 channels on the GTV bouquet.

In 2023, you can expect the GOTV Supa package to offer more amazing channels, including BBC World News, ESPN and SuperSport channels. The Supa package also offers local channels such as AIT, NTA, Silverbird, and Channels TV. There is no doubt that the Gotv supa package is designed to cater to both local and international content enthusiasts.

The table below highlights some of the key channels that Gotv Supa package offers:

Channel Name | Genre

1. Africa Magic | Movies and TV Series

2. ESPN | Sports

3. Sony Max | Movies

4. E! Entertainment Television | Entertainment

5. BET | Reality Shows, Music and Movies

6. SuperSport Blitz | Sports

7. Nickelodeon | Kids and Family

8. Telemundo | Telenovelas

9. BBC World News | News and Current Affairs

10. Nat Geo Wild | Wildlife and Animal Planet

11. Discovery Family | Family Programming

12. MTV Base | Music

13. Al Jazeera | News

14. Silverbird TV | Local and International Content

15. NTA | Local and National News

16. AIT | Local TV Programming

Q: How much does GOTV Supa package cost, and how can I subscribe?

A: The good news is that the Gotv Supa package is reasonably priced and has remained affordable over the years. The subscription fee for Supa package is N2,999 per month, and it doesn’t require a decoder purchase for activation. So, anyone can activate the Gotv Supa package subscription without purchasing a new decoder.

GOtv Supa package subscription process

The subscription process is simple and straightforward. You can subscribe to the GOTV Supa package by following these steps:

1. Visit the GOTV website or download the GOTV mobile app from play store/apple store

2. Login/create a new account

3. Select the Supa package option

4. Enter your payment details

5. Confirm your subscription

Alternatively, you can visit any GOTV retail outlet or dealer nearest to you to subscribe. Once your subscription is confirmed, your TV will be automatically activated within a few minutes.

Wrapping up

The GOTV Supa package offers a wide variety of channels to cater to all your entertainment needs. From international to local TV channels, the package has something for everyone. With the new channels to add to the package in 2023, you can expect more exceptional entertainment at an affordable price. However, GOTV promises its subscribers excellent customer service, reliable signal quality, and the best TV viewing experience available. So, why not try out the GOTV Supa package today and take your TV viewing experience to the next level

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