Imole youth Corp registration form 2023

Are you from Osun state or did you base in Osun and you are looking for a way to register for imole youth Corp, them daily Legit is here for you to help you out.

What is imole youth Corp?

I know you maybe have come across this or you heard it from your friends, and that is why you are here, without wasting your time, Imole Youth Corp is a program designed by Osun State’s newly elected Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke. The aim and objective of this program is to reduce unemployment in Osun state. Recap, in the regime of Ogbeni Raifu Aregbesola who ruled Osun for 8 years as Governor, he designed a program called O’yes to help Osun youth, this is what Senator Ademola Adeleke changed to imole youth Corp.

Registration date for imole youth Corp

The registration has started over two months ago for batch A and it will end as soon as possible, so if you are not yet registered, kindly find a way to do that before it will late, nevertheless, if you can’t meet up due to some circumstances, you may wait for the next batch which is Batch B but the date for it has never released by Osun state Governor, Senator Adeleke.

How to register for imole youth Corp

imole youth corp registration

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Based on our research, the website open for this program is still under construction at the time of writing this article in which the normal form is available at all local governments in Osun state.
We have designed a tool for you to check whether the online form is ready. Here is it REGISTRATION FROM CHECK UP
The tool will help you when the online application is ready so will advise you to keep checking daily legit for updates.

How much is the monthly salary

Defiantly, before you start any work, you may want to know how much are you going to receive per month and do your estimate either you will be able to save money at month’s end that is why Daily Legit goes a long mile to update you what to be expected in every month as imole youth Corp in Osun.
The state government will be paying 20k for every shortlisted candidate per month and this will last for 2 years.

Is O’yes still available

The answer is No, we have explained if you follow this article that O’yes program has changed to imole youth Corp, therefore, there is nothing like O’yes in Osun state.
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