Why Tinubu may lose 2023 Election to Peter Obi

According to Barr. Adekunle Samuel said “as things go on in this country, the 2023 election may favor Peter Obi due to calamity that is happening within APC.
Recall when the APC 2023 presidential candidate Asiwaju Hammed Tinubu went to Ogun state for his rally, he made a statement that if they like, they should change the ink of money, let them make petroleum scarce, we must vote and we must win”

tinubu and peter obi

He continued “There is a lot of comment on this statement which means the problem we are facing now, was definitely created by the APC government.
People are suffering to get fuel, suffering to get the money they have in the bank.
Last week, there is several videos on social media. a man who off his cloth in the bank when they refuse to pay him his money because of an unavailable new Naira note. a lady who also did the same thing, not only that, some people fight and even scattered bank, moreover, some collapsed after long-standing on the queue just to get the new naira note”

With all this, do you think Nigeria will like to vote for this current party? Even many people from the party are shouting this government didn’t show love.
Recap during the formal president Goodluck Jonathan Ebelle, Nigeria voted against him because of the fuel subsidy, just because of this, now let compare this government regime to Jonathan’s own, you will see that Peter Obi and Atiku still have more hope than APC candidate. I’m not PDP, I’m not Peter Obi party nor APC but I’m a Nigerian. We need to vote wisely, said Mr Adekunle

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