how to borrow money from opay with okash

You are welcome to this daily legit where we share important information every day, Today’s Report will base on How to borrow money from Opay in the range of 3k to 500k without any guarantor or paperwork.
After dropping an article on how to withdraw palmpay ok card to a bank account, a lot of people who read the article sent me an email to please drop another great article on how they can borrow loans from opay also.

According to Emmanuel Agbo from delta state said “dear daily legit, I really learn and enjoy your palmpay ok card content because it well explains everything I need to know. Please sir I will be happy if you can drop such content on How I can borrow a higher loan on Opay Marchant. Thanks, sir

I know many people will also have this on their mind and if you are in the same shoe as Mr. Emanuel, then. congratulation! because you are finally at a place where your problem will be solved.

how to borrow money from Opay

how to borrow money from opay

Without wasting much of our time because time is very important, let’s head up to the main point on how you can get a higher loan from opay app.
Firstly, opay app is an online bank where you can sign up and get a valid account number, which this, you can send money to any bank with the app, likewise, you can receive money from any bank and the phone number you use to register will serve as your account number.

The good news about opay app is that many people prefer to use this app more than our commercial bank all because you can get a higher loan of up to 500k which is easier than a bank loan.
You may be thinking, can this be possible? Don’t worry, I will show you a screenshot proving that someone borrowed this huge money from them which he has not yet to pay till now and it is overdue, he just blocks the app not to call.


Now, do you also want to know how you can get such a loan on Opay? Definitely, Yes! So, let’s move on
Opay merchant. To get a higher loan, you need to upgrade your account to merchant level. To do that, it is very easy, what you need is just go play store and download the Opay business app, and after the installation register if you have not yet done that but if you have done that before, just log in and locate the upgrade my account to level 3 or merchant, they are the same. You will need to provide some information to fill out the merchant form.

Here is the list of what you need

  • Bank verification Number [bvn]
  • Nepa bill
  • Picture of your shop/office [front site]
  • Prove of your office address [it could be receipt of your shop rentage]

Once you have the above credentials, you are good to go. Just input those details to nessacerry place them in the form and submit them. You have to wait for Opay to review your Marchant form, this will take up to 24 hours and sometimes it takes up to 7 days. If you get approved, then congratulations! If you get rejected, don’t worry you can’t still make some adjustments and resubmit again, there is no limit on that.
Once you get approved, you will get three loan options.

  •  Short loan – one day
  • Long loan – 14 days
  • Smart business loans

Let me explain this for better understanding, the short loan is always a small amount of money from the range of 2000 to 2500 and the interest rate is low, just about 250 but you have to pay it the same day you borrowed it, also the longer loan is not much also, it from the rage of 2000 to 7500 which also last for 14 days and the interest is also low while the opay smart business is a higher loan that will give you up to 500,000.

How to get Opay smart business loans

To get a higher loan, you need to perform some higher transactions within seven days by sending and receiving money with the app. You may send 400,000 to the app and withdraw it immediately, it will also give you more chances to get a high limit.

Your limit will be updated once a week which is Monday, so if you are performing high transactions during the week and you notice your loan limit does not increase, don’t panic, just wait till Monday morning and check, you will be surprised.
That is how you can borrow money from opay. Thanks for your time and hope you have learned something new and great from dailyLigit.

If you have any questions rather than those, feel free to drop it in the comments section and I promise to provide you with solutions as soon as possible.

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