How to join Kannywood Film Company in Nigeria [2023 Registration]

How to join Kannywood Film Company in Nigeria is one of the most questions that upcoming actors and actresses search for and that is why Daily Legit is here to show you step-by-step how to register at Kannywood in this 2023 section.
There are some things you need to know before you take any steps for the registration which I’m going to explain in detail so you can understand.

Full details on Kannywood movie production company

when it comes to Hausa films production, Kannywood is one of the biggest movie industry which located at  Kaduna state northern side of Nigeria. they have helped many talented artists to achieve their aim and make their dream comes true.

According to our research, this movie company holds an audition every year in other to give opportunities to those who are dreaming to become a superstar in the Nigerian film industry.

2023 registration at Kannywood [audition]

how to join Kannywood film

We know that you are here because you want to join Kannywood and if not, then you have someone around you that you want to help in other not to miss 2023 registration in this company. therefore, according to the latest information getting to us, the 2023 registration in the Kannywood film audition is in progress and all interested candidate can proceed and obtain the necessary form.

How to join Kannywood Film Company

Before you join Kannywood, you must first meet the company requirements which are listed bellow:

  1. AGE: You must be 18 years above before you apply
  2. EDUCATION: Any Interest candidates must have one of this, WAEC/NECO or any equivalent  certificate with not less than 5 credits which include mathematics and English language
  3. LANGUAGE: The candidate must be fluent in Hausa and English Language

once you meet up with that three ( 3 ) requirements, you can now proceed to the next step which is to submit your application CV to this email address:

How to get approved for the audition

Kannywood has been keeping received thousands of CVs in their email and one this to know is that many candidates will be rejected due to this higher demand. if you want your application to be successful, you must make your cv stand out. we advise all interested candidates to get someone who gets write the best cv for you, in other not to get rejected. if you need daily legit to help you with this, just drop your comment

How much can you be paid as an actor or actress?

You may be thinking if you join the Kannywood film, would you be paid for acting in a movie? The truth there is that when it comes to film production and most especially acting stuff, it is only celebrities receive payment for the role they played unless they join the crew.

here are a few crew you can join at Kannywood


The director is the person in charge of the overall creative vision for the film. They work closely with the writer and producer to develop the script and storyboard and are responsible for guiding the actors and crew to bring that vision to life. The director also works with the cinematographer to ensure that the visual style of the movie is consistent throughout.

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a producer is someone who sponsors the movie and is responsible for overseeing the entire movie project process. They work closely with the director to ensure that the film stays within budget and is completed on time. The producer also manages the logistics of the shoot, including hiring crew members, securing shooting locations, and coordinating with vendors.


The cinematographer also known as DOP which means director of photography, is responsible for the visual look of the movie. They work closely with the director to determine the overall style of the film and then work with the camera crew to ensure that each shot is framed and lit properly. The cinematographer may also operate the camera themselves for certain shots.

Production Designer

The production designer is responsible for creating the overall look and feel of the movie. They work with the director and cinematographer to determine the color scheme, set design, and props for each scene. The production designer also works with the costume designer to ensure that the costumes are consistent with the overall visual style of the film.


The editor is responsible for assembling all of the footage into a cohesive final product. They work closely with the director to ensure that the film tells the intended story, and also work with the sound team to ensure that the audio is properly synced and mixed. The editor may also add special effects and color correction to enhance the final product.


We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights into how to join the Kannywood movie industry. Remember to make your CV stand out before submission, build your talent and be fully prepared. With these tips, you can achieve your goals and become a part of this thriving industry.



8 thoughts on “How to join Kannywood Film Company in Nigeria [2023 Registration]”

  1. Kannywood is one of the biggest film industry that produced hausa and English movies in West African countries, and helped our millions of African people with jobs and defended with their self, thank you for everyone in kannywood industry from CEO award to the both of the staffs, we were proud of kannywood industry.

  2. Congratulations to the mentor of kannywood actor, Ali nuhu on your appointed of as a md of national film co-oparation.of ,
    Please kannywood industry in this year 2024 enroll on me as a kannywood actor, I wish to contribute in kannywood industry

    My name is Aminu Danladi I was born in Gombe state under nafada local govt area, I completed my primary school in nafada local govt area, and I completed senior secondary school in 2012,
    I had my o level 8 credit u
    Including English language, Mathematics, Economics, information communication technology (ict), Financial accounting, Biology Etc.

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