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Welcome to successful way films and marketing, the home of talented and upcoming artist that wants to achieve their dream in life.

this association was founded in 2016 with the purpose to help an upcoming artist who wish to become famous in nearest future.

according to our conversation between Samuel Monday king who is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Aseyori Tv and daily legit report, he said and we qoute

”My name is Samuel Monday oluwayemi popularly known as SMDking, I’m the chief executive officer and the founder of Success way films and marketing (Aseyori Tv).

my purpose in establishing the great association is to help Nigeria’s upcoming artists in other to achieve their dream.

many people have been looking possible way to join odunlade adekola film production school in other to become someone like him but due to financial problems they could not avoid proceeding and they end up in something different from their aim.

another issue faced by upcoming actress or actor is they believe that once they went to any popular artist school, they will become a star but this is totally wrong, going to their school is just to have knowledge about film production like dancing, acting, cinematography, makeup, set design, etc.

once you finish your career from their school, they will release you to go on your own and start practicing what you learn from them without any arrangement for you.

many of those students end up joining success way films and marketing because we are not a school but an association that works in a team to achieve our aim.

why ”success ways films and marketing” different from others?

we don’t believe in star artists but we believe in our talent, we believe what is inside us, we always believe in ourselves, so anyone can play the lead role in our movie.

I can say that we always use our members to play the lead in all our movie

Do you register this association Under the Nigerian government?

we did not run an illegal association, success way films production is registered under Corporate Affairs Commission {CAC}


To join Success way films and marketing, you need to pay some of 2000 naira into our business account. 

No hidden payment, you have successfully become the full member of Aseyori Tv after the payment 



United Bank of Africa – UBA

Send your payment prove to watsapp no: 08137865670


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