Mercy Johnson and other Top Nigerian Celebrities Are Reacting on new naira note scarcity

Many Nigerians are finding it very hard to make use of the new Naira notes due to its scarcity and our celebrities are not left behind the scarcity.

Like the half of Nigerian, these our celebrities have resulted in using other outlets, which is very hard to get cash for their everyday activities.

Following the frustrating process in which they underwent, some of the celebrities via their verified social media handles have expressed their displeasure and the hardship it took before they got the new naira note.

Below Is How They Are Reacting

According to Mercy Johnson who also lamented after he witnessed N700,000 of the redesigned notes being sold for N1m at a party.
The Nollywood star who also noted that he had been finding it difficult to get the newly redesigned notes wondered how money changers have these notes in surplus quantity while the masses queue up at various banks for hours.

According to the yoruba Nollywood actor, Femi Adebayo Salami on his Instagram who described the new money as Gold after lamenting bitterly about how difficult it was for him to get it.According to the prominent actor, getting foodstuffs, especially those sold on the streets is very difficult without cash as most pretty traders do not have Point of Sale, (POS) machines for e-transactions.

Showing off the money he struggled to get, the actor noted that he went through hell, however, he told his fans, he was willing to share it with them due to a hard time.

Comedian Akpororo
Popular Comedian, Akpororo in anger called for the investigation of money changers.

The Warri-born comic queried how these people were able to secure the new Naira notes which are exchanged for the old notes at exorbitant rates.

Speaking painstakingly, Akpororo said: “There is no cash. We are waiting for new Naira notes. New Naira notes have not circulated, I believe that’s the reason why CBN shifted the deadline for the return of the old ones before they bring out the new ones. But money changers already have it and are changing money back to back.”

Susan Peters
Veteran Nollywood actress, Susan Peters took to her verified Instagram page to demand that the Department of State Service(DSS) expose those who have the audacity to sell new notes which is not fully in circulation.

Susan Peters wrote: ”Syndicates selling new naira notes have been arrested, excuse me, sir! is it the bankers or bank managers or the third parties?

“Please let’s know the root of this in the open. The Banks, The Bank Managers, Or The Bank Workers before the third parties, they are the real cause of the shortage of naira.”

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