A guy dragged a lady for collecting transport fare without showing up

A Yoruba man, Kolawole Leke, met a lady online, and things got funny. He sent her 2000 naira for transport, but she blocked him on WhatsApp after getting the money.


Kolawole didn’t give up. He shared their chats in the same Facebook group where they met. Many people said they knew the lady and asked for reposts.

Seeing the fuss, the lady unblocked Kolawole and said, “Oga, send your account number, I’ll return your money.”


Quick as a flash, she sent back the cash, and that’s how Kolawole got his money back.

After the comical refund saga, the lady who initially blocked Kolawole made a typographical misstep, typing ‘I’m beg than 2000’ instead of ‘I’m big than 2000’ in a message she sent to him. Kolawole promptly reposted this to the Facebook group, sparking a fresh wave of commentary.

Commenting on the mishap, Mario Odesenaka remarked, “She say she beg pass 2k bro, how did u get to meet this online beggar?”

Kelvin Boss chimed in, saying, “Go school u say no see her life you beg pass 2k.”


The typo became the newest talk of the online town, inviting a chorus of lighthearted jibes and playful banter among the group members, proving that even a simple typo can transform into a catalyst for laughters.

In this online story, the humor won, and it ended with everyone laughing and Kolawole’s wallet feeling happier.

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