how to get 1k subscriber and 4k watch hours

Table of content

i. introduction

ii. Normal way to get your subcriber and watch hours

iii. a second way to get subscriber

iv. 5 youtube tricks to get fastest subscriber and watch hour within 1 to 2 weeks

v. trick 1 [keyword research]

vi. trick 2 [make content on your keyword]

vii. trick 3 [upload your video]

viii. trick 4 [tag research]

ix. trick 5[creat tumbnail ]

x.costomize your channel

xi. monetize your channel



Welcome to this complete youtube secret review, this e-book will explain everything you need to know about youtube. this e-book will show you the fastest way you can get your first one thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours within one to two weeks which can enable you to make a lot of money from youtube

if you follow everything that I explain in this book step by step and you don’t see any result in them go back to your village and beg those your village’s witch to leave you and allow you to make money online. lolzzz.

I have been online for over 10 years but know one review this secret that I’m going to show you.

here is the story of my life, I have been trying to make money online in different ways by affiliate marketing, blogging, fiver, and others before coming across youtube. when I come across youtube, I’m thinking that is not going to be easy for me to make a video because the cause of production like to get a camera, find the best location, get colleagues to act together, pay for editing, and others but I don’t know that I can make real money without creating any video, do you also know that? hooo! you don’t know… yes you can make 20 to 50 dollars every day on youtube without creating any video by yourself. don’t worry about that I will explain everything to you.

I created a youtube and I started creating videos and keep posting but you know what I got 37 subscribers for good two years, that is really bad for me and I feel so depress them I just abandon the channel and youtube them started my street hustle. after a year, I just fell to play with the channel them I did some tricks which I’m going to share with you in this e-book, you know what? I got over 100 subscribers in a day, heeeee!!!! then, I have to repeat this trick, within a week I got over 1k sub and over ten thousand watch hours. that is how I went back to youtube business ooo.

i quickly request for monetization and youtube accept me once. i can remember, the first day after monetization, i made 1 dollar, just 1$, I started thinking again but I keep follow the trick, them my revenue keep increasing day by day until i started making over 30$ per day, I started happy ooo. at the end of the month, I make over 600$, wow, by this time, I did not believe that this money is real until google Adsense send the money into my bank account. since then i took youtube as my source of income till now.


Normal way to get your subcriber and watch hours

if you want to get your first one thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours with this normal way them you will work and work even work and tired. yes, don’t let me deceive you, many people have tried this and fail because this method means, you will create a video and keep upload them unfortunately no matter how your video is interested people will not see it talkless watch it because nobody knows you and your channel. but if you can keep creating video at least two times in a week and keep doing this for 1 year without depressing, you will definitely get your 1k sub and watch hours but I cant advise my enemy to use this method because is not easy at all.

second way to get subscriber

pay for promotion: the second way to get your first 1k sub and 4k watch hour are to pay for promotion, this means you will pay some YouTuber that has similar content with you to help you advertise your channel on your their channel. note that this does not mean you buy sub.

there is different between buy a sub and promote the channel, is good to promo your channel if you have the money but it is very bad to buy subscriber, buying subscriber is like wasting of your money and time because that subscriber you bought are not real, yes, they are fake even though the seller may tell you that is real but i will tell you the truth that you will not make real money with those subscribers because they are not interested with your content, they just subscribe for you.

imaging creating a youtube channel for posting content base on particular language, maybe your video pramary language is hidi, now you bought sub fom usa or nigeria in which they did not understand hidi language, therefore, if you post vedio they will not watch it and if you dont get viewer, you wont make any money. the more veiwer you got the move revenue you make.

but if you promote your video and people watch it and they subscribe to your channel, it means they liked your content and they wish to watch your next video .

5 youtube trick to get fastest subcriber and watch hour within 1 to 2 weeks

This five trick is best and esay way including fastest way to get your frist one thousand subscriber and four thoasand watch hour. this method can only take you one to two week and you will be able to monitize your channel and start making money with it. the good thing about this trick is, you will not spend any money and even you dont need to creat any vedio by yourself before you can start this.

hey! get a code softdrink now and take it to cool your mind as im going to reveiew what will change your entire life for good, yes, this is what change my life today.

now, let go into the bussiness step by step without wasting much of our time.

trick 1 [keyword research]

keyword research is the first secret most new youtuber fail to do and this make them fall in the jouney of making youtube money. why this important? imagine as a begginer, you creat a content that nobody is searching for on youtube and you dont have follower, do you think people see such content? even though if they mistakely saw it, there is 90 % probrability that they will not watch it becuase they dont know you and they know nothing about your channel and if they dont watch it, they will not see the value on it talkless of click on subscribe botton.

but if you did your keyword research well and you creat a content on what people are searching for day by day, them there is posibility that when they search for the keyword, your content may show up and if it does not show up, there is another posibility that it may be surgessted to the viewer and they may end up click it to view and if they view it, there is proprebility that they may hit subsribe botton.

if you dont know how to do keyword research, dont wory, i will give you best tool for that and how you can use it. let move to next step.

trick 2 [make content on your keyword]

i have explained this a litle bit on trick 1 and let me just give you more explanation. now that you have do your keyword research and you got best raking tiltle, the next thing is to creat vedio on the title. if you dont know how you creat a vedio on the title and you wich to get free vedio base on the title, them what you need is to download a video with creativity common which gives you access to reupload someone vedio. i will give you best tool to use for creativity common vedio and it will give you access to get free video.

note: you cant just download any vedio and re-upload it on your channel, youtube will reject you when you apply for monitization. let move on

trick 3 [upload your video]

now that you got your keyword and finaly made a vedio or get free video on the keyword, they next step is to upload your vedio and to do this you need to thing. firstly, you need youtube app and secondly you need chrom browser. why do you need this? you need youtube app for fast uploading and you need chrom browser for your video setting. if you want to get best chance for your vedio to show up quckly at first page so more people can watch it, you need to do some setting by using chrome. just thanks God that you find yourself in this page because all i will show you best way to set your content in other to rank in first page and this will give you more subscribe to you channel. let keep take the tea by going to the next step

trick 4 [tag research]

this will help youtube to suggest your vedio to more people if you tag best keyword. before you tag your vedio, you need to use some tag tools to get best tag for your keyword and omce you get best tag your vedio will be suggested to people who search for your tag keyword.

trick 5[creat tumbnail ]

this is most importan thing you need to do, imagine follow all above mentioning step and end up by no getting any viewers talkless subscriber how painful this will be? what can cause that? it is call youtube Tumbnail. you need to creat atractive tumbnaill that even if your enemy see your vedio they will click it. i can help you creat free tumbnail that will atract anyone that see you vedio, let meet at my whatsapp. also i can teach you that all for free.

costomize your channel

at this point you have already got your frist 1k subscriber and your watch hours, the next thing is to costomize your channel before you apply for monitization. what you need to costomize?

your page profile picture and about section

monitize your chanel

At this point you need to apply for monitization by youtube will pay you. this means, youtube will place advert on all your video and if anyone watch or click on the ads, youtube will pay you.

if you need my support on any of this, i ready to help you for free. what you need is to just get this full e-book.

the full e-book contain this:

  1. 100% free tools for keyword reseach and how to use it
  2. how to get free vedio to upload on youtube [ creativity common] you will be able to make money with this vedio
  3. all the setting you need to do that we make your vedio show at first page
  4. 100% free tag tools to generate best tag for your video
  5. step by step to creat atractive youtube tumbnail
  6. monitize your channel step by step
  7. my whasapp no to support you for free
  8. and other benefit you need

how much is this full E-book? i will not sell this to you but you just need to pay for just 1K for the time and data i used, i sold this e-book for 10k, that is nomal price but i just wish to help few people with a litle time this offer will end.

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