Ramsey Nouah is a Nigerian Actor and director. The actor is among the most familiar faces in Nollywood, as a matter of fact, he won the African movie academy award for best actor in a leading role in the movie the figurine in the year 2010!

According to daily legit research, below are ten movies that added to his already fast-rising fame and helped a lot in the actor’s career!


“Living in bondage; Breaking free” was an excellent movie to hit the cinema in November in the year2018. The actor took the role of occultic and untold fetish activities, the movie was very successful, it made about 25million just within two days in the cinema! This movie started the career of the actor in directing. In an interview with the actor, he said he couldn’t have found a better movie to launch his directing career. The movie was produced by Charles Okpaleke. The movie actually premiered on Netflix in May 2020, the film starred Ramsey Nouah, Kanayo Kanayo, Kenneth Okonkwo, and lots more. Ramsey Nouah was the main villain in the movie. The movie was the first movie directed by the actor.


This movie was well received by the audience, it was a romantic _comedy movie that was produced in 2014. The movie was shot in Lagos and in Atlanta. The movie contributes to the fame of Ramsey Nouah. In 2015 it was actually declared the highest grossing movie in the cinema that year! The movie was directed by Roberts Peter and produced by Ayo Makun. The movie premiered on 31st October 2014, the movie received nominations and broke all box_office records of 2014!


My wife and I was a movie that was produced and available in the cinemas in the year 2017. It was a story about an unhappy couple that has been married for eighteen years. Their marriage is leading to failure, the decided to visit a pastor and the following day the woke up in each other’s body! The movie was a success and entertaining as well. The movie was directed by Bunmi Ajaikaye.


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Silent night is a hit movie, it was one of Ramsey Nouah first movies, it was produced in the year 1996. It was directed by Chico Ejiro. The trolling movie was about once good boy Stanley(Ramsey ) who committed a crime, and landed in court, with his father as the judge!

The movie also contributed to his fame in the movie industry.


The accidental spy is a crime comedy film produced in 2017. It was released on first December 2017 and premiered on Netflix in November 2019. it was directed by Roger Russell. The movie was about an IT specialist Emmanuel Prince (Ramsey Nouah )who moves to London after his girlfriend cheated on him to join a reality show and mistakenly take up the identity of an assassin. This blockbuster movie was very successful and definitely helped in the actor’s career. The movie starred Ramsey Nouah, Ayo Makun, Henry Morris, Judith Akuta and lots more.


Weekend gateways is an amazing movie, starring Ramsey Nouah and Genevieve Nnaji. Weekend gateways is a movie about a group of friends from different backgrounds and backstories, who are trying to revive their relationships. Weekend gateways is a 2012 movie, it received 11 nominations, and 4 awards at the 2013 Nollywood and African film critics award (NAFCA). The movie was a huge success obviously!


Guilty pleasures is a 2009 drama movie, the movie was directed by Desmond Elliot and Daniel Ademokan. The movie was actually nominated for the best screenplay at 6th African movie academy awards. The movie was starring Ramsey Nouah, Nse Ikpe Etim, Desmond Elliot, Mercy Johnson, Majid Michael and lots more.

Guilty pleasures was a love story about a passionate, bored and pampered house wife that felt neglected by her husband, who is controlling. A business executive who is a very busy Man. This intriguing movie help a lot in making Ramsey Nouah popular.


Busted life is another intriguing movie, starring Ramsey Nouah as Uzor, Chet Anekwe as Femi. The movie was directed by Bayo Akinfemi. The movie was shot in the United States and it was about greed, lust for women, betrayal which brought about the broken relationship between two people. Ramsey Nouah played a very interesting role in the movie.

The movie was about two African immigrants whose friendship was put to test in the United States of America. The movie is based on a true story and it was produced by Austin Chima. The movie got nominated for the 2014 NAFCAwards and the movie actually won the award for the best drama diaspora award. This intriguing movie also helps the actor career a lot.


Tempting fate is a story of two very different brothers. Tempting fate is a 2015 movie written and produced by Kevin Nwankwo. The movie is a Nigerian American film. The movie was starring Ramsey Nouah, Andrew Onochie, Dan Davies e.t.c The movies were an interesting one and a huge success it was. This movie also contributed a lot to the popularity of the actor.


The figurine is a 2009 Nigerian movie. Which was a supernatural and suspense thriller movie. It was written by Kemi Adesoye, directed and produced by Kunle Afolayan. The movie starred Ramsey Nouah and Omoni Oboli. The movie was a real success, it was released at the 2009 Rotterdam International film festival. The movie won five awards and got ten nominations. Ramsey Nouah actually won an award for the best actor in the leading role in the movie(the figurine) in 2010. The movie was a successful and thriller movie. The figurine got a lot of acceptance from the audience.

ramsey nouah movie

The above thriller and successful movies help skyrocket the sensational Actor Ramsey Nouah a lot to become so famous actor in Nigeria  and helped his career a lot as well.

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