The TAMPAN Obokun Chapter Members List 2023

The Chairman of the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Association of Nigeria, Obokun Chapter (TAMPAN), a figure recognized as Taiwo Joshua Abimbola, popularly known as TJB, has submitted the names of the verified members to our representative today. In a statement addressed to the delegates, the chairman expressed, “I extend my wishes for the good health of all TAMPAN members, especially those in the Obokun chapter.” He further mentioned that this had been a lingering concern, acknowledging the existence of some Obokun TAMPAN members displaying a less-than-committed approach within the group. Many self-proclaimed members fail to attend TAMPAN meetings but remain active in the WhatsApp group. This circumstance prompted the decision to reorganize the group in an earnest effort to ascertain the genuine members.

The Chairman of TAMPAN’s Obokun Chapter mentioned that the group’s restructuring began some weeks ago, and the verified members have begun receiving their forms along with a nominal fee.

The chairman informed our representatives that the forms are still being processed for anyone interested in joining the Obokun TAMPAN.

In a list sent by Mr. Taiwo Joshua Abimbola to Daily Legit for the report, the following names appeared:

The TAMPAN Obokun Chapter Members List 2023

  1. Taiwo Joshua Abimbola
  2. Samuel Monday king
  3. Adetunji Isaiah
  4. Faniyi Temidayo mc palaro
  5. Adetunji celestinah
  6. ojo atama
  7. ogedegben Dare
  8. Esan Oladiti David
  9. Adewuyi Elijah
  10. Abike Akewi
  11. Yetunde Ofili

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The chairman stated that any individual from the mentioned list who fails to attend meetings at least once a month without a valid reason will be automatically removed from the group. Such individuals would need to reapply and collect the form to rejoin the Obokun TAMPAN.

Meetings are regularly held every Friday at 4:30 pm at TJB Compound, Fayofunmi area, Esa Oke. To join the Obokun theater group, individuals must reside in the following villages:

  • Esa Oke
  • Esa Odo
  • Ilare
  • Otan Ile
  • Imesi Ile
  • Ilahun
  • Ilase
  • Ibokun
  • Ilowa

Furthermore, individuals from Ori Ade local government areas such as Ijebu, Ijeda, etc., are also welcome to be part of this esteemed association. Those from the mentioned towns who desire to join the Obokun theater group should contact the chairman at 07062199862 or via WhatsApp at 08164154619.

Award day

The Obokun TAMPAN will hold an award ceremony in December where the best actor, director, producer, and movie will receive awards and some cash in recognition of their efforts. The chairman did not specify the exact date but assured us that updates would be provided as time progressed.

Additionally, he mentioned the selection process for the local executive committee (exco) which will commence soon. He highlighted that the exco members will be chosen from those who have collected membership forms. He also revealed that the Obokun TAMPAN has an upcoming major project that will elevate the group to the next level. The chairman expressed his hope that this project will be accomplished by the end of the year, with the grace of God.

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