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Funke Akindele Bello, born on August 24, 1977, in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria, is a multi-talented figure in the entertainment industry. Widely recognized as “Jenifa,” she is a renowned Nigerian actress, entrepreneur, scriptwriter, and film producer. Funke is married to Nigerian rapper Mr. Abdurasheed Bello, popularly known as JJC_Skillz, and their marriage took place in London in 2016. One of her most notable accomplishments is starring as the lead actress in the television series “Jenifa’s Diary,” which earned her the Best Actress in a Comedy Series award at the 2016 African Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

In 1998, Funke Akindele played a significant role in the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) sitcom titled “I Need to Know,” which ran from 1998 to 2002. This marked the beginning of her journey to stardom in the movie industry. “I Need to Know” was a United Nations Population Fund-sponsored sitcom program designed to enlighten audiences about the challenges teenagers face while growing up. In the series, Funke portrayed the character of Bisi, a curious yet highly intelligent secondary school girl. As a prolific figure in the industry, Funke has contributed to over 100 movies, wearing various hats as a writer, producer, and director.

However, Funke Akindele’s breakthrough in the movie industry came in 2008 with her role in the film “Jenifa.” This entertaining and hilarious movie garnered immense success and served as an inspiration for her ongoing TV drama series, “Jenifa’s Diary.” In 2009, she received the Best Actress in a Leading Role award at the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) for her outstanding performance. “Jenifa’s Diary” has since become an immensely popular TV series, featuring prominent celebrities such as Folarin Folana (Falz), Lolo, Lota Chukwu, and many more.

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Funke Akindele has made significant contributions to the film industry as a producer and writer, particularly in the Yoruba film genre. Her body of work includes numerous hit movies, such as “Omo Ghetto,” “Maami,” “A Trip to Jamaica,” “Apaadi,” “Isoken,” “Industreet,” “Moms at War,” and many other blockbuster films.

In addition to her successful film career, Funke Akindele has secured various endorsement deals, solidifying her status as a well-known public figure. She has served as an ambassador for irokotv and signed an endorsement deal with Dettol. In 2018, she became a brand ambassador for Keystone Bank. Furthermore, in November 2019, she inked an endorsement deal with WAW, a company known for manufacturing detergents.

Funke Akindele’s personal life has also been of public interest. She was previously married to Adeola Kehinde Oloyede, but the couple divorced in July 2013 due to irreconcilable differences. Subsequently, in May 2016, Funke married Nigerian rapper JJC Skillz. In August 2017, there were rumors of her pregnancy, and in December 2018, Funke Akindele gave birth to twin boys. Additionally, she has several stepchildren.

This revised content provides a clearer and more concise overview of Funke Akindele’s achievements and personal life.

Scene one TV film production School

scene one tv

Funke Akindele is the CEO of Scene One TV film production, the actress made her directorial debut on the movie her Excellency which is a political drama film that was filmed in the year 2019.

In July 2019 Funke Akindele started a new web series titled Aiyetoro Town which was inspired by the popular TV drama Jenifa’s Dairy.

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Funke Akindele runs a nongovernmental organization that is aimed at empowering youths with vocational skills and nurturing talents it is known as Jenifa’s Foundation. The actress has won several awards to her name and she has also wons a lot of awards in her industry.

Funke Akindele(Jenifa) as she is popularly is actually a lawyer, she first obtained an Ordinary national diploma (OND) from the former Ogun State Polytechnic now the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Ogun State before she proceeded to study law in the University of Lagos Akoka, Yaba in Lagos state, Nigeria.


funke akindele

Battle on buka street by funke akinde bello : CHECK IN

Funke Akindele has enjoyed a distinguished career in the movie industry, earning recognition through numerous awards and nominations. Here is a list of some of the awards she has won and the nominations she has received:


  • African Movie Academy Awards: Best Actress in a Leading Role (Movie: “Jenifa”) – Winner
  • Nigeria Entertainment Awards: Best Actress – Winner


  • Nominated: Best Actress (Leading Role) – “Maami”
  • Nollywood Movies Awards: Best Actress (Indigenous) – Winner


  • Nominated: Best Actress – “Married but Still Single”
  • Zulu African Films Academy Awards: Best Actress – “Maami” and “The Return of Jenifa” – Winner


  • African Viewers Choice Awards: Best Actress (Comedy) – “Jenifa’s Diary” – Winner
  • Nigerian Entertainment Awards: Nominated for Best Actress (Television Series)


  • Entertainment Awards: Best Actress in a Leading Role (Movie: “Agnetta O’mmpa”) – Winner
  • African Magic Viewers Choice Awards: Best Actress (Comedy) – “The Return of Sheri Koko” – Winner
  • Elloy Awards: Brand Ambassador of the Year (Omo) – Winner


  • Nigeria Entertainment Awards: Best Actress – Winner
  • Nollywood Movies Awards: Best Actress (Indigenous) – Winner


  • African Entertainment Legend Awards: Best Actress of the Year – Winner
  • Ghana Movie Awards: Best Actress African Collaboration (Movie: “A Trip to Jamaica”) – Winner

Funke Akindele’s illustrious career is a testament to her remarkable talent and dedication to the movie industry. She continues to achieve excellence in her field and remains a respected figure in Nollywood.





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