Funke Akindele ready to help newbie in the entertainment industry

According to guardian news, FUNKE AKINDELE share her interest in the talented artist, this is how the conversation goes

You have just released a new movie titled Battle on Buka Streets. What makes this project stand out?
I’m excited about it because a young guy called ‘Jack’ owns the original story. He’s a newbie in the entertainment industry and the talents we showcased on Battle on Buka Streets are young fresh talents. And I am so excited because Nollywood needs to get ready for these new faces. Working with young people has really touched my heart. So, any time I hear that they have something new to work on, I quickly jump in, that’s why I’m excited about this project. Also, it is about family, the hustle and bustle in the family, the ups and downs, and the friction. All the scenes in the movie celebrate our African culture, they also celebrate oneness and unity in the family, and in the state of our country”


funke akindele

What is the cultural essence of the movie?
It is ensuring that we bring everyone together. Ensuring that there’s no segregation, whether you are Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa or got married from another tribe, there’s nothing like discrimination or tribalism. Just primarily preaching unity.

How involved were you in this project?
Perfectly well, I must say. From being an actor, I also write, produce, direct, and discover new faces, and I have passed the baton of production to young people because I have moved into politics now. So this is like a farewell.

Are you indicating that you are signing out?
I am going to be the next deputy governor of Lagos State. So I am handing it down to the new ones. We need to give them an opportunity. I will be in the background, to advise them, to supervise, but let them be the face, let’s celebrate them. Are you not tired of seeing old faces?

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