How to check Capfin loan statement and Approve status

As a South African citizen, you are entitled to capfin online loan up to R50000 without any collateral or paperwork. here is some important information that you will come across in this article. How to check the Capfin loan statement, how much you are to pay back after you have acquired a loan from Capfin, and how to check your loan approved status, You are in the right place. Dailylegit’s mission is to bring ease to our readers. By giving you updates and providing the best options, we hope to give you the best the world has to offer We will help you find the solution on how to check your capfin loan statement. But for the sake of those who are just hearing about Capfin for the first time, let’s do a quick explanation.

Capfin is a financial institution situated in St Kuils River, South Africa. This company’s goal is to provide easy and fast loans of up to R 50,000 to people. By allowing South Africans to borrow loans online without any collateral, Capfin ensures that loans are easily accessed. The company’s slogan “You are not a loan, you are just shaping a better tomorrow”, is a reference to the company’s goal of making life easy. You can look for further information on the company’s website, So, let’s get on with the main reason for writing this article which is how to check the Capfin loan statement.

How to check Capfin loan statement

we will show you how to check your loan statement in four {4} different ways and I believe that if method one did not work for you, then the second or third will work for you, just keep reading and apply those methods accordingly.

After applying for a loan from Capfin wait until it gets approved, how do you know if your loan was approved? very simple, log in to your capfin dashboard and locate loan status, you will either see approved, pending or rejected, if it’s approved, then proceed by checking your Capfin loan statement. This ensures that you have a knowledge of important things that if left undone, can lead to penalization. Interest rates will surely be raised if you default and your account may be blacklisted this will lead to hassles whenever you want to acquire another loan.
There are four steps to checking a Capfin loan statement and the four steps will be explained in an easy way.

how to check via the website

This is the first way to check the loan statement. kindly follow it step by step
STEP 1– Visit capfin official website. You must take note of the URL to avoid visiting a phishing website created by scammers who want to steal your information. below is an image showing how the site looks like

How to check Capfin loan statement and Approve site

STEP 2 – now that you have opened their site, the next step is to locate the “Login” button. you will clearly see this on the front page and if you don’t, then, you have to know that you are at the wrong site. just try to cross-check the URL again.

STEP 3: Enter your SA ID number into the blank box that appears. what is SA ID Number? this is the number you used during the registration process. Make sure the phone number you registered with is with you on your mobile device, because an OTP will be sent to you.

STEP 5: You will receive OTP from cap fin as a text message, enter the number into the box and you will be given access to your account.

STEP 6: Once you gain access to your account, check the dashboard and you will see the relevant options to help you check your loan statement.

That is the first Method to check your Capfin loan statement. Now, let’s get on with other methods on how you can check loan statements.

Method 2- Check Through USSD

This Company knows a lot of people can’t afford a smartphone with an internet connection. This spurred them to make it easy for people by allowing the use of a USSD for checking loan statements. Using a USSD code is another way to check a Capfin loan statement. The process is easy and quick. Dial *134*6454# ¬†Choose from the available options and there you are.

How to check Capfin loan statement Through a phone call

Capfin’s customer care is always willing to help loanees. You can give then a call and they will help you solve whatever is bugging you.

STEP 1: Dial the number, +27 87 354 0000. There is always a cordial customer care attendant available on the other end.
STEP 2: Ask them to help you check your loan statement. You will have to provide a few details about yourself. This is to help them know who to check for.
STEP 3: After a few minutes, you will get a reply.

How to check Capfin loan statement Through a message

If the ways of checking your loan statement are not your choice, then you can try sending a message. Send an email to them at, You can also send them a fax at 086 688 0000.

The ways listed above are the ways to check a Capfin loan statement. Remember, it is important to instantly check your loan statements to prevent any hassles. Thanks for reading.

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