CBN extend the spending of old naira note – see the date

Some days back ago, CNB sent messages to everyone on their phone state that the old naira note will become invalid on 31st of January 2023, since this news, many Nigerian have been trying their possible best to exchange their old note to New note but they could not, expecially those who are living in rural area

With several letter, email and messages  sent to federal government and CBN to please extend the spending of old money till 28th of February 2023 as the new note are not yet circulate.Naira old extension

CBN has successful extend the date to 10th of February 2023 which means 10 days has been added.

According to Lawan Modu Borno Yesu who send his opinions to CBN page
He said ” It’s evident that both the CBN and commercial banks are not serious in this Country. This Naira redesign is poorly planned and poorly implemented. Weeks
after the so-called official release of the newly painted Naira notes yet they are
nowhere to be found in all the commercial banks and Nigerians are currently in
dilemma and fear of the unknown.
We call on the CBN to adjust the deadline and ensure the new notes are galore before declaring the old notes invalid for the sake of good people of Nigeria. If not,this would be regarded as an
attempt to bring the common Nigerian to thier knees economically.”

Abbas Bala Ibrahim who also share his opinion on this issue said “CBN should please warn the commercial banks particularly First Bank, how can First Bank said that they will not start operation until 10:00am at this critical time of changing old note?”

Davies Tobi Ewekeye also said “I hope the people managing this account are reading the feedbacks. One would think even if the old currency sieze to be
legal tender by 31st January, Nigerians can still deposit it in the banks for additional 2 weeks after the deadline.

All this has been received by CBN and they have finally extend it to 10th of February.

Daily legit Report hug every Nigeria to try their possible best and change their old note to New one as soon as possible even though if Central Bank Of Nigeria will still concider us or not.

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