Advantages of graduate with pass grade result

Graduating with a pass grade result from a polytechnic is not a setback; in fact, it can pave the way for a successful journey. Life experiences often reveal that some of the most accomplished individuals in the world were once dropouts. Surprising, isn’t it?


If you find yourself holding a pass credit and feeling disheartened, I’m here to share that you might have higher odds of success than those who graduated with top honors. In this article, I’ll delve into the reasons behind this perspective. So, if you’re holding a pass result and have lost hope, I’m here to tell you today that you may have greater winning chances than those with seemingly better grades.

Graduate with pass grade result [case study]

Let’s examine the stories of two friends, Samson and John, who graduated from the same institution with different academic results. Samson, an exceptionally bright student, graduated with a first-class upper, filled with optimism about securing a good job and a prosperous future. On the other hand, John, also intelligent but not as academically accomplished as Samson, found himself disheartened with a pass grade, fearing that his chances of employment were slim.


Upon graduation, Samson eagerly applied for jobs and, fortunately, landed a position that offered a substantial monthly salary of 100 thousand. Meanwhile, John, aware of the challenges his pass grade presented, decided to explore alternative paths. Through online research and personal reflection, he stumbled upon a quote: ‘You are not born to go to school, get a job, pay bills, and die.’ Another quote struck a chord: ‘You cannot become a successful person by earning a salary.’ These words became a catalyst for change.


Realizing that academic success and employment might not guarantee true success, John shifted his focus to entrepreneurship. He embraced various business ideas and took decisive actions. To cut the story short, after ten years, the tables turned. John, who graduated with a pass result, not only became a successful entrepreneur but also employed Samson, who had graduated with first-class honors.

John’s journey illustrates how sometimes adversity or unconventional paths can lead to unexpected success. If John had graduated with good results, he might have followed the traditional job-seeking path, possibly limiting his entrepreneurial mindset. The challenges he faced with a pass grade result prompted him to explore alternative routes, ultimately fostering a resilient and entrepreneurial spirit. It highlights the importance of adaptability and how setbacks can sometimes lead to innovative and successful outcomes.

It’s indeed surprising to witness graduates working for a salary of 20 thousand when numerous opportunities exist that could bring greater satisfaction and financial rewards. Exploring alternative paths, entrepreneurship, or specialized skills often opens doors to more fulfilling and lucrative avenues. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing and seizing diverse opportunities beyond traditional employment, aligning one’s passion and skills with avenues that offer both personal and financial fulfillment.

What to Do If You Graduate with a Pass

Celebrate Your Success:

First and foremost, be happy! Don’t panic or see yourself as unsuccessful. Graduating with a pass is an achievement, and many successful individuals have taken unconventional paths.

Cultivate a Reading Habit:

Dive into books on business, success, and self-development. Continuous learning is a powerful tool for personal growth.

Initiate Action and Work Smart:

Start something of your own. Work smart, stay persistent, and don’t give up. Success often comes to those who persevere.

Explore Online Opportunities:

Look for online hustles. The internet offers a vast array of skills to learn. Find one that aligns with your interests and master it.

Redefine the Value of Education:

Remember that the primary purpose of education is to gain knowledge and develop essential skills. The certificate is just a piece of paper; true success comes from applying what you’ve learned.

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