Yes, I know that headline sounds too good to be true but we have compiled a list of universities where you can study for free!
Since our mission at Dailylegit is to make sure our readers get the best life has to offer, we searched through the internet and sorted out the universities that are offering free education to students and how easy it is to get a visa to study in the UK for free Education is the best legacy and everyone has a right to it. So, let’s get started.
below is a list of universities offering free education to Students throughout the world.




Founded in 1891, Buckingham Shire University is one of the oldest universities in the world. This University, known for its academic excellence and rich list of ex-students, offers free education to students from all over the world. One extra perk of studying at Bucks is the fast syllabus that allows you to study a three-year course in two years. No strike, no teachers’ protest! There are different courses that you can choose from.
The requirements for getting the free education the university offers are as follows: A score of 80-96 in the UCAS, a first degree that can be substituted for relevant experiences in certain courses. Also, a student who falls short of the requirements can seek consideration by contacting the. school’s admission board.


This University has one of the youngest age averages in the world with the youngest student only 13 years old. This public University offers free education to students from all over the world. With a decent ranking on the list of universities in the world, the University of Suffolk is no pushover when it comes to studying. Also, they offer MBA programs that can be completed online.
To get a chance to study at this University, a student must have a good knowledge of the English language. There is also the need to have two A-level subjects and a good grade in GCSE exams. For applicants below 16, the applicant will have to see the university’s requirement for applicants below 16.


For a University to achieve 14rh on the prestigious Canada University guide is what so many universities yearn for. Coventry University was the 14th best university in the world according to the Canada University guide. And the requirements to study for free at this University is easy. All you need is to have a total o 5 A to C grades(maths and English included.), an A-level, and an interview with the admission panel.


This University has a ranking of 16th on the 131 lists of universities in the world. This shows that the university is a top educational institution. This makes it more surprising when you discover that they offer free education to international students. All you have to do is get a good grade on the course requirements. You can find the course requirements on their page. Also, you must have a good command of the English language.

This list is the tested and trusted universities we at Dailylegit could find. The procedures to get admitted into their institutions are easy and stress-free.



Visas are needed to get entry into the UK. Here are the steps to getting a student visa in the United Kingdom.
STEP 1– When you get the admission letter from the university you chose, make sure to certify that the letter is unconditional. A conditional letter might be sent if you haven’t provided the full documents required
STEP 2– since the Universities are not affiliated with the embassies, you must pay a fee to get your Visa. The fee collected is used to process your Visa and allow you get entry into the UK
STEP 3– You have to provide proof that you are free from any health issues. This document is highly needed and can be gotten from government-certified labs.
Step 4– The University will send you a Certificate of Acceptance number. Once you get thIs number, go to Gov.Uk and register.
You must answer all the questions. After that, you click on register.
STEP 5– After registration, you have to book a visa appointment. When you go for the appointment, your biometrics and other relevant documents will be required.
STEP 6– The interview may or not be conducted, but you should be prepared. The questions are quite easy to answer.
STEP 7– Now, you have to wait for 15-20 days as the Visa gets processed. Sure ng this waiting period, you must check your emails regularly as you do not want to miss vital messages.

STEP 8– This is the last step. Once you get that golden approval message, it is time to fly. Get onboard a plane and off to your dream university. Good luck!

As you can see from the lists provided, the universities offer free education at little cost to students. Your education does not have to stop due to financial difficulties. Grab a form and fly to freedom.
See you all in the next article.


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