palmpay customer care number and email Address

There can be several reasons why you may need palmpay customer care number or email address. for instance, you want to remove your bvn from palmpay and the only way to do that is to contact them through phone call or WhatsApp and you may prefer sending an email to them. anyone you wish, daily legit is here today to give you everything you want.

palmpay customer care number

palmpay customer care number and email

The easiest way to get in touch with their customer care is by login into your palmpay app, checking the downside where you found ‘Home – Finance – reward and Me’ click on ‘Me’ it will take you to a page where you will see your surname at the top, just stroll down until you see ‘Help & Freeback’ with headpiece icon at the left-hand side, click on it and check the downside, you will see two labels, 1. customer service 2. product feedback, you have to choose option number one, which is customer service, once you click on it, the palmpay customer care number and email will popup immediately effect. you can now copy the number and email to contact them.

The reason why I explain this manually is That, they may decide to change their contact at any time if something unexpected happens, that is why daily legit gives you an easy way to get what you want at your comfortable home with your mobile device.

At the time of writing this content, the appearing phone no is 01886888 and the email address is

How to chat PalmPay via WhatsApp

before you chat with them on WhatsApp, you need to know this, it will take so long before you will get reply from them, therefore we did not recommend this option for you instead of, you can chat with them directly on their app.

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how to do that? just follow the step we show above, and you will see live chat and it is 24/7 and very fast. so, if you dont have airtime to call them, you can rather choose this option.




9 thoughts on “palmpay customer care number and email Address”

  1. Esther olaniyi

    I transfer money to someone and it has been deduced from my account but it writing processing since yesterday afternoon

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  3. Please sir I need u people help right now, somebody come to my shop am do pos, I transfer 30k for he, he give me the 30 let I find out the 30k is fake, the person is using palmpay account, the person account is 9127777610 innocent maduabuchi Nwaoye

  4. Joshua Mary omolewa

    Pls someone sent me 18000 and 8000 since feb 9 and the money sent successfully and I can’t find the money in my account

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