One more baby to celebrate 13th wedding anniversary – Mercy Johnson

Nollywood star Mercy Johnson has sparked excitement among her fans with a playful Instagram post ahead of her 13th wedding anniversary. 

The actress took to social media to express her desire for one more baby from her husband, igniting a wave of congratulatory messages from her adoring followers.


In a lighthearted post shared on her Instagram account, Mercy Johnson hinted at her wish for another addition to her family. She playfully stated her desire for one more baby from her husband, adding a touch of humor to the anticipation surrounding her upcoming wedding anniversary celebrations.

The post quickly caught the attention of fans and followers, who flooded the comments section with messages of congratulations and well-wishes for both the impending anniversary and the potential addition to the family. Many expressed delight at Mercy Johnson’s candid and humorous approach, applauding her openness and authenticity.

As the countdown to her 13th wedding anniversary continues, Mercy Johnson’s fans eagerly await further updates and celebrations from the beloved actress. Stay tuned for more updates on Mercy Johnson and her family’s joyful journey.

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