New naira Note design 2022 by CBN

This is the latest Nigeria report that the Central Bank of Nigeria will release New naira note for this 2022.

A lot of people have been trying to search for the new naira design in which they begin to see different type of new note.

I came across some funny Nigeria currency which editted by some photo editors. Where we begin to see our Nigeria comedian in the New naira note and this has full every whe but no one has ever come across the Real New naira note.

Different questions begin to drom on our email page. Here are some questions people ask,

what is on the 50 naira note?

what is on 1000 naira?

How did New naira note look like? And so on. 

Today, we are going to give you best answer to your questions. Firstly, check below image

New naira Note design

as many people believe this is new naira note.
But we are telling you today that this is not the real note.

new naira design 2022

new naira design 2022

The above images is the new note release by CBN, 
we are still waiting for other note to be released

What will happen to old naira note?

This is another question you may be thinking of that if CBN release the new money today, what will happen to the old note you have in your house. Firstly, don’t be panic maybe you will not spend your old naira note that you have, CBN will give periods of time to all Nigerians to use and exchange their old currency in any bank around them. At this time, everyone will be able to save their old note and receive the new note by their bank.

When CBN will release the new Naira note?

All we know is that, the new naira note will be released before ending of this year and by the middle of next year, the old note will be canceled finally.

What image will be on the new note?

Some are thinking either CBN are going to change the image of the new note. The truth is that CBN can’t change the image like changing murritala Muhammad in twenty naira to another person, the only change we should be expected is the texture, color and material, even the color wouldn’t have much effect but the texture will definitely change.

Releasing of 5000 naira note

The last thing we are talking about is the issue of Five thousand naira note [5000] in which we have been hearing some different things about it which started causing controversy in this country.
The Nigerian Government in conjunction with CNB are planning of this long time ago but Nigerians didn’t agree with it because the stage of our economy. What we know is that, if they release 5000 naira note, everything in this country will be highly cost and it will affect our economy. So we should not expect the 5000 naira note when ever CBN release this Nigeria new note.


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