Mandy Kiss president Olosho drop Another photos

The Nigerian famous prostitute has dropped another picture for all her fans and she said on her official Facebook post that ” why many people like to embarrassed me that my breast is fall as you all know the type of work I’m doing as Nigeria’s no 1 prostitute who know as President awon olosho [means the president of a prostitute.
Mandy kiss shouts out that people should stop embarrassing her because she sees prostitution as a job and she can’t shame her job despite that she is not really happy with the job because is not something that is easy. Here are the new photo posted by Mandy kiss


Mandy kiss

Mandy kiss's photo

Recap some months back ago she said in her interview with the press that her mother really supported her in the prostitute job she has done and nobody can stop her not to continue. She said and we quote” You have to use what you have to collect what you don’t have and that is what I’m doing now, I build a big house and bought an expensive car with this job and even became Famous with it.”

Recently, there is a rumor that Mandy kiss has repented and is crying for a husband but this is not really truth although, she posted her picture in a white garment that she has repented but this is totally dramatic and the video is not real. The above pictures were posted a few days ago and if she truly repents why post such photos on social media?
Our views on Mandy’s kiss is that To leave a job that pays her millions of naira every week will be very difficult to quit the such job but we all believe that God can do Unbelievable things at any time, therefore it is only God who can change Mandy kiss.


Advice to All ladies

After Mandy goes viral, a lot of ladies have to try to copy her lifestyle maybe because of the money she got from the job they also want to become millionaire but they forgot that Photocopy is not easy, which favor Kenny and may kill Taiwo. Many ladies have lost their lives because of money and some are still going through unsure sickness. No matter the challenges you are facing now, Believe in your handwork and one day your story will change from grass to grace.

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