How To Move From USA To Canada

For you to click on this article, it means you want to move from the United States of America to Canada. But before you buy that ticket and board that aeroplane, take a little time to read this article. I am pleased to tell you that you are on the right path. As our pedigree testifies for us, Dailylegit is a site that verifies information before giving it to our beloved readers. The internet is full of scams but the team at Dailylegit work hard to filter out the scams and give our readers the best and nothing but the best. Now, let’s get into the matter at hand.


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Canada is a country in South America. The country is richly blessed and what is more interesting, it needs workers to fully utilise its God-given gifts. This is definitely the opportunity you are looking for! The United States unemployment rate is growing by the day as big corporations cut their workforce and sack employees. But Canada on the other hand needs workers. This is the right time to move. 341,180 permanent residents moved to Canada, and 74,586 individuals transitioned from temporary residence to permanent residency as of 2019. This shows you that people are trooping into Canada daily. Canada has a set target of people for 2023. And I must tell you if you snooze, you lose. Do not stall anymore. DO YOU KNOW? Canada has one of the lowest crime rates in the world!


As a US citizen, it is quite easy to gain entry into Canada. It is even easier if you are from the United States. Canada allows US citizens to stay in its territory for six months without a visa. After six months, you are to apply for a visa. The procedures to apply for the Visa are easy and well organized. Applicants for Canadian Visas have always testified about the cordiality and ease of operating.


Since getting a permanent job is one of the ways to become a citizen of Canada, you should definitely look for permanent work. Canada offers two work permits for workers. The Employer-Specific Work Permit is a permit that is specific to only one employer. The employee cannot use it to work for any employer apart from the one it was issued for.
The Open Work Permit allows you to work for any employer. It is not limited to a particular employer and you can apply for any job of your choice.

work in canada

Also, the jobs are either temporary or permanent. You can choose either of the two as it suits you best.
To become a citizen of Canada, you must hold Permanent Resident Status for 5 years. After this, you are eligible to become a citizen of Canada.
One added advantage of becoming a citizen of Canada is that Canada allows its citizens to hold dual citizenship. Also, you can bring your family with you. This helps to ensure that no one is left behind and the family can live together.


After applying for the Visa, there is bound to be a waiting period of about two weeks. Not to panic. The reason is that thousands of Visas have to be processed. While you wait, pack your bags. Canada can be sometimes extremely cold. Make sure you have protective clothing to protect yourself with. Say your adieus to friends. You should make sure your phones and electronic gadgets are always on. You don’t want to miss your golden email because of a flat battery. Visit your best spots and take in the view. And when you finally get that call from your agent, all that remains is to get on board the aeroplane and fly to the land of your dreams: CANADA


As the plane lands at the airport, make sure your mindset remains the same. You came to Canada for the money. You have your work permit and nothing can hinder you. Hustle hard and get your share of Canada’s wealth. ”But all work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Canada has a reputation for having nice fun houses and bars. Have fun and be merry. Taste the indigenous dishes and explore places.
Also, remember to be courteous to the citizens. A smile can unlock millions of doors. Abide by the rules and endeavour to stay on the right side of the law. Do all of these and I assure you that you will love Canada and its denizens!

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