Policeman shot his wife to death

The song of a famous Egba artist, Yusuf Olatunji, which says ‘we don’t show one’s husband to a mistress and we don’t show one’s mistress to an husband’ has really been associated with The unfortunate event took place on the sixth day of the week which is Friday, a fifty-six years old policeman whose name is Mr Fair Muleya,was said to have caught another man on his wife in his house, and he shot both of them dead.

An area called Dundumwezi zawa camp, in Zambia, is where the incident took place.

Mackey Kasusuli has established the fact that the policeman has been hearing rumors before about the adulterous act of his wife and the other man,but he caught them on a faithful night.

This policeman did according to a proverb which says “The day evil is seen is the day it is buried”and he killed them one after the other.

After this he called one of his fellow policeman who is his friend and told him everything that happened then he called a bike man and told the bike man to take him to the police station.

They said he confessed the wrong he has done by himself and we had that they have taken both dead bodies to Bikusi Kalomo Urban clinic mortuary for medical examination and they have put the suspected criminal in cell for further investigation

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